June 1, 2012

Chain the Catechism: The Sacraments

Small Catechism with Explanation

Preface and Intro Readings

The Ten Commandments

The Apostle’s Creed 

The Lord’s Prayer

11.12.09 Sacraments Intro

12.01.13 The Nature of Baptism

12.01.20 The Blessing of Baptism

12.01.27 The Power of Baptism 

12.02.03 What Baptism Indicates

12.02.10 Confession Definition

12.02.24 Office of the Keys

12.03.03 Church Discipline and Excommunication

12.03.09 Communion-Nature of Communion

12.03.16 Communion-Benefit of Communion

12.05.08 Communion-Power of Communion

12.05.25 Communion-How to Receive Communion Worthily

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