13.03.03 Exegesis Study – Lent 3



—Exegetical Notes –Bring this worksheet with your notes for our Fri. 3/8/2013 study and your study Bible.  Potluck at 6.  

Topic and choice of readings to bring: ——

—Fourth S. in Lent  (Laetare): The Lord Feeds His People
—Ex. 16: 2-21 Bread from Heaven
—Or Is. 49:8-13  The Restoration of Israel
—Gal. 4:21-31 Example of Hagar and Sarah
—or Acts 2:41-47  The Fellowship of the Believers
—John 6:1-15  Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
—Psalm 132:8-18  The Lord Has Chosen Zion

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